LG Lugar de Gente contributes to initiatives aimed at improving the quality of life of its employees and the communities in which it operates, aiming at their socioeconomic development and respecting their social and cultural particularities.

The company is committed to the conservation of the environment, seeking the sustainable use of natural resources in the exercise of its activity and adopting preventive measures able to avoid waste and any possible negative environmental impacts that may cause, therefore, garbage collection is done observing the recycling aspects.

Both the company and its employees are responsible for keeping the workplace clean, safe and healthy. For that, the legislation in force and the internal regulations referring to health and safety at work, PCMSO and PPRA, documents available in the Code of Ethics and Conduct of LG, must be followed.

LG also values ​​diversity and always seeks to adhere to social practices in its activities, regardless of gender, race and sexuality of each employee.

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